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Wife's dad is dying -- actually, he's been dying for about four years. Four years ago they gave him six months to live. He's pulled himself away from the brink a couple of times since. But this time it looks like he's in the home stretch.

Wife is going down to be with him and her mom at the hospital tomorrow, and will be staying as long as it takes. Back when I was gainfully unemployed, I was able to go with her on these vigils. Now that I'm a responsible 9 to 5er, I have to stay behind.

Wife and I spend very little time apart. It's going to be weird not to be there for her. But of course, I'll be coming down for the funeral.

I actually consider myself quite lucky. I've not had a close family member die in over twenty years. My dad says I'm getting to be the age where I start regularly going to funerals. I'm definitely not looking foward to that.

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